Image Flipped in Lens

Couldn’t find some clear pictures that explained how images are flipped by a lens. There are pictures and articles for sure but they just weren’t clear to me. So I rigged up a lens and tested it out.

Test Setup-Shows how image is flipped by lens

Letter R Test Setup

Test Materials

  • LED Desk Lamp
  • Letter R printed on wax paper with red marker
  • 50mm lens from 35mm SLR camera
  • Cardboard screen

View from- Rear of lens- At Letter R-

Looking thru rear of lens

This would be the way you would see the object using your eyes. The letter R is in front of you in the correct orientation as you would read it. The letter R is often used for this type of demonstration as its orientation cannot be confused.

View from- Behind Image, Thru Lens, At Screen

View from behind the R looking at the screen

Close up picture shows how the image on screen or film would be rotated 180 degrees and then flipped


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